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"When Ebony chose to me to photograph Halle Berry as Dorothy Dandridge, they did not know I had fallen in love with Dandridge back in 1959. After 15 minutes of perfect poses, I thought, ‘I’m not getting Dorothy. I remember Dorothy’s pleading for mercy, the thirst for tolerance, the crying and the anger that she exuded on screen — and off.’ I moved very close to Halle and said in a near whisper, ‘What is missing is the passion and anger seething inside of Dorothy. She was beautiful, but she was not happy. Surely you must understand that.’ She certainly did. The next few moments were some of the most extraordinary moments in front of any camera ever. The congress of beauty, rage, power and remorse that convened on Halle’s face and culminated with her in tears was the essence of the Dorothy Dandridge I had known, and one of the great highlights of my career,” renowned photographer Harry Langdon

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USA vs. Australia

Let’s go 🇺🇸


-     “Some of Those That Work Forces are the Same that Burn Crosses” 

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Diana Taurasi // YOU DEE REAL MVP // 3x Champ

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Brad Pitt and Robin Givens, 1989 

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